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Healing my Feminine Energy hasn't been easy, it takes consistency and practice

So what is feminine energy anyways?

When I first began on my self development journey this is where I was. I was so out of touch with my inner core energy that I believed growing up as one of the guys, or being the most stubborn and strong minded person in the room was just my personality.

I was so wrapped up in being result driven, goal oriented and the "straight A" student that I had lost complete touch with the softer, loving, "being present" energy that I was craving so badly. Every day at work I was in male energy, in charge, task oriented that when I would get home to my kids and husband and couldn't shut it off. No wonder I felt like I had to take control of everything in the household (which didn't help my relationship at all) and I was also loosing memories with my kids because I was so focus on completing the moment to get to the next thing.

But the day I learned about feminine and masculine energy it all changed for me... and since then I have been on a mission to not only find balance, but to also consciously practice being in my feminine energy until it becomes my comfort zone.

Feminine energy is a feminine source of creative power.- It’s a combination of traits that transpire the nature of the Universe itself — creation, fluidity, nourishment, and receptivity. In the chakra system, this energy resides in the sacral chakra, which is the center of your sensuality, emotions, and creativity, enabling you to create, pro-create, and enjoy fulfilling intimate relationships. Which is why I focus so heavily on pelvic floor strengthening as a coach, especially post partum. Getting back in touch with our body, but specifically our pelvic floor is key to getting in touch with your feminine energy again.

Without feminine energy, masculine energy is not whole, and vice versa. Without adequate feminine energy, you may not feel connected, valued, nurtured, or appreciated. On the opposite side of that, without adequate male energy you may not feel safe, supported, focused, purposeful, or successful. Both energies need to feed each other, not only within the dynamics of a relationship, but also within yourself.

Be open to accepting that there are periods in your life where you will step more into your masculine energy; your strength, focus, and risk-taking. And then there are periods where your feminine, more patient, kind, and empathetic energy will shine through.

Remember it is NOT about getting rid of one or the other. It's about creating harmony between them and understanding they BOTH serve a purpose. As well as practicing when and how to use them consciously.

Below I have included the image from the Tony Robbins conference I attended that really help me understand where I stand. I have also included the link to his quiz so that you can also learn what your core energy is.

Why is finding my core energy important? Our core energy is not based on our sex it is based on our feeling, our aura our soul.

What happened with me is that I was living for so long in male energy, although at my core I was feminine. This made me bitter, angry, confused, insecure, untrusting of myself. Imagine living with a mask on for so long that you forget what you looked like underneath, that is what it felt like. Since I didn't know who I was or that I was living outside my core I sent my body and mind into fight or flight mode... literally running away from my own feelings and self. That made me isolate myself from my husband both emotionally and sexually. It made me recent my kids and isolate them as well.

Here I was a mother of two with a husband and a dog... all of these gifts I loved dearly and I didn't know how to express that in my own way. I just knew that how I was doing it felt wrong and something was off. I did a lot of work and continue to actively practice releasing and embracing my feminine energy, even the way I work out has changed. I no longer have to feel like I killed myself in order to feel like I accomplished a good workout.... and I'll tell you a secret my body truly began to change when I stopped working out super hard and instead embraced a more feminine centered workout, like the one I teach now. I am now in alignment with my core energy and everything I choose to do in my life is a conscious effort to embrace my core energy.

So go ahead find out what your core energy is today with Tony Robbins quiz HERE

If you want to talk more about this or are interested in feminine fitness call us today or book your free initial consultation. We can get you started on the right path toward putting your life in alignment for 2024.

You are a Queen,

Amanda Matos

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