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Viktoriia Voronina

Viktoriia Voronina



I am Ukrainian and I have been a certified trainer and nutritionist since 2016. I absolutely love training clients and helping women become stronger, more confident, and happier. It was so fulfilling to see our clients grow and improve as individuals every single day. 

I opened the StrongSelves studio in March of 2021 because I kept hearing my female clients say how much they hate going to conventional gyms, and how they would love to have a private space to go and work out just with their trainer. I wanted to create a fitness space in Myrtle Beach that offers services specifically just to women.

We lit up scented candles, turn on our neon sign, and sweat in style together. It's all about the VIBE <3

After years of experience, we developed a Full Circle Growth program for our clients at StrongSelves.

This is what separates us from other personal training services, we take a deeper approach, which includes periodized training program tailored to each individual client, with nutrition/mindset coaching and recovery sessions embedded in the program.

Here inches don’t come back!


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Amanda Matos

Amanda Matos


I am a proud Puerto Rican woman. As a full-time student athlete I earned my Associates Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, which I then utilized to coach and train volleyball players at an elite level for years and continue to do so today.

I then completed a Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Florida.

After two years in the workforce, I went back to school and completed a Master's Degree in Athletic Training in 2016 at Florida International University.

Ever since then, I have been working with multiple sports teams and individual athletes, helping to return them to top physical condition, whether it’s coming back to in-season from a long break or returning to play from an injury.  I have worked at the D1 college level with volleyball, football, and lacrosse teams, and many others.

I have an extensive background in sports medicine and physical therapy as a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer. Because of this, my training style is functional movement training, emphasizing the importance of technique, proper form, and recovery to maximize the benefits of an exercise and minimize the injuries to the body.

Assisted stretching_edited

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Catrina Master Trainer

Catrina Thomas


I am British and first came across to the US in 2018 on a sports scholarship for track and cross country at University of New Mexico. While running I completed my Master’s degree in Exercise Science. Unfortunately, my running career ended sooner than expected with a major injury and surgery. However, during my rehabilitation and healing time I found a desire to help others overcome difficult times. I started my career in Virginia in Cardiopulmonary rehab where I trained individuals after they had a cardiac event/surgery or lung disease. I am a huge advocate of preventive medicine and preventing health issues in people’s future through exercise and good nutrition. I have been able to utilize my sporting background and education to motivate and guide people to achieve their goals and wish to continue helping others.

Catrina Thomas

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Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross


Lauren Ross grew up playing multiple sports and progressed to being a college athlete at Western Carolina University. While there, she set numerous records and discovered her passion for health and fitness. Upon graduating, Lauren set out to become a personal trainer. She trained under Mr. USA, won 4th place in a bodybuilding competition, taught PE and Music at a private school in Georgia, and, in 2016, opened her own personal training company, Freedom Fitness. After working with many educators and seeing how many were overly stressed and chronically tired, in 2018, Lauren co-created a health and wellness program for teachers. With 12 years and over 14,000 hours of personal training under her belt, Lauren has been able to help thousands of individuals throughout the US. She believes every person is worthy of living a life of fullness and her passion is helping people see that worth for themselves.

Lauren Ross _ StrongSelves
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