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What stories have you been telling yourself?

Mind Muscle Fridays- Blog #1 with coach Amanda Matos

Weekly thought provoking topics that will help you get out of your own way and become the woman you've always felt you should be!

“You can never outperform your own self-image.” Maxwell Maltz. This was one of the quotes that changed my life for ever. Have you ever considered that your unconscious identity is stopping you from getting your dream job, succeeding in your business, making the money you dreamed of, or enjoying the healthy energetic lifestyle you’ve always wanted… which area of your life is not as you desire? Whichever area it is for you, it’s time to check in on your own self image to see why you are not thriving. Self image is how we perceive ourselves based on a number of self impressions, experiences successes, failures, feelings and behaviors over time. This mental portrait then creates our internal thermostat.. which acts as our invisible boundaries, our own glass ceiling. By flipping the script on our limiting thoughts and embracing empowering beliefs, we can shift our self image and approach challenges with optimism and determination. It's important to remember that personal growth and change are possible when we believe in ourselves and take action towards our goals.

The Mind Muscle Friday call to action this week is flipping the script on your limiting beliefs and writing out new empowering ones.

Step 1- Be honest with yourself and write out everything you have been telling yourself you’re not good at or you can’t do because of some reason or another? What have you been saying you’ve already tried, but it doesn’t work? Step 2 - Take each sentence and flip the script, how can you re-write your story to make it seem possible for you. To give you hope for change. What language can you use to stay optimistic or opportunistic in the areas you have struggled with in the past. Below I have share some of mine when I started on my fitness and self development journey: Limitation #1: "I've always struggled with confidence, and I can't improve." Reframing: "Confidence is a skill I can develop with practice. I can start with small steps, like taking pictures of myself, changing my style or complimenting myself first." Limitation #2: "I've tried to lose weight before, but it never works for me." Reframing: "I've learned valuable lessons from my previous attempts. I can seek guidance from a nutritionist or fitness coach to create a sustainable plan this time." Limitation #3: "I'm not good at managing my time, and I'm always overwhelmed." Reframing: "Time management is a skill I can learn. I can start by setting clear priorities, creating schedules, and seeking advice from successful time managers." Limitation #4: "I'm too old to change my career." Reframing: "Age is just a number. My experience and wisdom can be an asset in pursuing a new career path. I can take courses or seek mentors to transition successfully." Limitation #5: "I' can’t put myself first, I have 2 kids and a husband" Reframing: "I must prioritize myself first in order to show up as the best most energetic and highest state of myself for the people I love the most… after me :) This exercise requires vulnerability and honesty with yourself. It is not easy at first, but it the first step toward true change. As Brian Tracy says “The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self image”. Upgrade the image, upgrade your life! Thanks for reading ladies, Remember you are a Queen and you have always been meant to rule. Amanda Matos Mind Muscle Coach

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