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While diet plays a major role, exercise is also important. You need to switch your routine to target the full range of core muscles through a variety of training techniques like:⁣

(However we will talk about nutrition in PART TWO) ✅ Strength⁣ training

-I highly recommend TRX workouts, because they will target your core muscles in every move -Also consider functional, compound moves (barbell squat, deadlift, squat to shoulder press, planks) instead of machines. They challenge your stability and balance, therefore help you build strong abs. ⁣ -Kettlebell training is my personal favorite type of functional training for abs development.⁣ -Another favorite piece of equipment for abs is ab roller. Do you also stay sore for days after using it?⁣ ✅ Cardio ⁣ I am a big advocate of a cardio in a fasted state. 16 h fasting, 2 glasses of water (maybe some baking soda with water, if your body is acidic) and 30 minutes bike ride or jog.⁣ ✅ HIIT workouts ⁣ I have a ton of samples of this type of workouts, that not only target abs, burn fat, but also tone up entire body and speed up metabolism. Follow this hashtag #strongselvesabs Weak core muscles can leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries. So get that 6 pack already 😉

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