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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

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Being vegetarian for 3 years I’ve tried all of it: ⁣ 🌱I was strict vegan for 9 months (just plant based diet)⁣ 🌱I tried all of the soy meat substitutions⁣ 🌱I was lacto-ovo vegetarian (eggs, milk products) ⁣ 🌱Then I was pescatarian (fish, no meat) ⁣

Now I am practicing intuitive eating, and mostly vegan diet, but occasionally I might eat a butter croissant, he-he. ❇️Here is my grocery shopping list with recommendations: ⁣ 🔺LENTILS (green and red). Buy them dried not canned, they cook in 20 minutes. Lentils are a great source of fiber and vegan protein. I use them is soups, salads and curry 🍛 ⁣ 🔺AVOCADOS. Great source of healthy fats, use them in salads and nutrition bowls 🍲 ⁣ 🔺SESAME SEEDS. I use them to make tahini for my homemade hummus recipe (you can find it in my story highlight “FOOD TIPS”)⁣ 🔺CHICKPEAS. One of the ingredients for the homemade hummus, that I like to spread on a gluten free English muffin. Chickpeas are also great in curry bowls. ⁣ 🔺BLACK AND PINTO BEANS. If you by them canned make sure to get rid of the liquid in a can and wash them trough before eating. ⁣ 🔺VEGETABLE (kale, zucchini, broccoli, carrots... all colors and shapes), mainly for salads, smoothies, burritos 🌯 juices 🥤 ⁣ 🔺BROWN RICE & QUINOA. You can make burrito bowls with either one, keep in mind that quinoa is a complete protein (means it has all essentials amino acids), and combo of brown rice and beans will also give you a complete protein supply. ⁣ 🔺Mushrooms feed your good gut bacteria 🦠 and support healthy microbiome. They also have a fair amount of vegan protein. I use portobello mushrooms for my vegan mushroom burger recipe. ⁣ 🔺Tofu is a great source of calcium and vegan protein. Make sure to buy organic non GMO tofu. Bake it until crispy covered in a barbecue sauce and enjoy in salads, rice bowls.

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