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Please read 🙏🏻

What I have to say today feels very important.

I’ve been talking a lot about losing my mom 7 years ago due to a cardiovascular disease (she had a stroke), which could be prevented by a long-term healthy lifestyle.

I just started to feel like I have learnt how to live without my mom. I actually posted a video on my YouTube channel sharing my feelings about my loss.

On Thursday 12/12/19 I found out that my dad has passed. How? Also due to a cardiovascular disease, which could be prevented by a long-term healthy lifestyle. He had diabetes, heart failure and a broken hip (he fell).

I have lost both of my parents by the age of 25. And now more than ever I see the importance of my job as a fitness coach.

If you ever lost someone due to a preventable disease please let me know, I’d love to chat with you about that, and give you all my support.

Becoming a trainer for me was no coincidence. My mission is to help other families to avoid a premature death, which can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up I noticed some bad habits that both of my parents had: smoking, poor food choices (lots of meat, especially processed meats), lack of exercise, high levels of stress, lack of sufficient sleep.

I was a kid back then and I didn’t have much influence on their decision and life choices.

Subconsciously I ended up doing everything the opposite from what my parents did. I am vegan., I exercise daily, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol.

I hope that now I CAN INSPIRE you all to be the best version of yourself.

PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH. I want you all to be there for your loved ones, to celebrate important life events together, to see your grandkids make their firs steps.

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