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What is Princess vs Queen Energy?

Princess vs Queen Energy The concepts of Princess energy and Queen energy are often used to describe different attitudes and approaches to life, particularly in the context of personal empowerment and relationships. Here's a brief explanation of both:

  1. Princess Energy:

    • This mindset is associated with women, who may view themselves as helpless or in need of rescue. They may rely on others to solve their problems, make them happy, or provide a sense of purpose.

    • The Princess may look to external sources for validation, support, or fulfillment, such as romantic partners, friends, or family.

    • This mindset can sometimes lead to a passive or dependent approach to life, where personal ownership and self-reliance are lacking.

  2. Queen Energy:

    • In contrast, Queen energy represents a sense of personal empowerment and self-sufficiency. It's often associated with an attitude of self-reliance, self-respect, and taking charge of one's life.

    • The Queen takes responsibility for their own well-being, happiness, and success. They make choices based on their own values and desires rather than seeking external validation.

    • This energy often reflects a strong and independent mindset, which can lead to healthier relationships and a greater sense of personal fulfillment.

You can exhibit aspects of both mindsets in different situations or stages of life. The practice is to encourage self-awareness and personal growth, helping you move toward a more self-empowered and fulfilling way of living if you find yourself predominantly in Princess Energy. Ultimately, these concepts highlight the importance of self-discovery, personal agency, and taking responsibility for one's own life and happiness, rather than relying solely on others for validation and support.

The Mind Muscle Friday call to action this week is to take the Princess Quiz to self evaluate how often you are in your princess energy

Step 1- Be honest with yourself and complete the quiz thinking of your health and fitness journey. Step 2 - Take the time to reflect on your answers and evaluate if these thoughts serve your outcome and the woman you want to be. Calculate: Once you complete the quiz calculate your percentage of princess energy. Flip the script: You can choose to see your result as the glass is half empty of half full. The queen in you would read your results as glass half full. So if you got 75% princess energy, it just means you are 25% of the way toward becoming the queen you are meant to be :) We practice and reinforce our thoughts every day, so why not choose to practice the empowering thoughts. Thanks for reading ladies, Remember you’re a Queen and you have always been meant to rule. Amanda Matos Mind Muscle Coach

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