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Boutique Fitness Studio

Training designed by women for women

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Holiday Sale

Unlock our lowest offers for personal training. Stay ahead of the game by preparing for the New Year's fitness craze now. Buy your most affordable training package now, and start training in January if you wish. It also makes a perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Fitness Ladies

What We Do

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Small Group Training

Do you prefer to work out with other like-minded women? We got you! This membership offers you that & much more. Get lots of personal attention from our coach,
train 3-5 days/week with cardio and strength exercises created by our master trainer. We guarantee commitment & support from a community of great women.

4 people and 1 coach

Personal Training

Why don't you see results?
Are you wandering around a gym aimlessly without a plan?
Learn how to stay motivated and feel empowered with your new fitness and personal growth coach.
Weightlifting builds physical and mental strength, and corrective exercises fix muscle imbalances.
Enjoy private, clean workouts one-on-one with your coach.

1 people and 1 coach

Empowerment Tribe

Transform with our coaches who help you set achievable goals in fitness and life. Gain confidence, break limiting beliefs, and unlock your potential with guidance and resources. Find your deep-rooted motivation to eat healthily and make lasting changes in your daily routine and lifestyle. Join us at our events to become the best version of yourself and make new exciting friendships along the way.

Community Events

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Who's our client

Our client is a woman who is committed to change, not just interested in it. She wants to correct a bad posture and get rid of aches in her back or knees/hips, etc. She wants to release bad habits that don’t serve her anymore. A woman who has a growth mindset and is willing to learn and let go of old patterns. She just needs an attentive female coach, someone who understands the science behind what makes her push past all the excuses every single day

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