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Why I stopped FASTING and how to fix binge eating?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Fun fact: On average a person can stick to diet for 6 weeks max

Please understand choosing a diet just because its hype is a loosing game.

I used to always count calories and macros (fats, carbs, proteins). I was a control freak when it comes to food, and surprise-surprise - it backfired! He-he

I started fasting consistently in May 2019, 3-4 times per week, 16 hours fasting/8 hours feeding. I did it to try a new (famous) dieting strategy for fitness gains. I felt great, that’s why I recommended it to some of my clients and my followers.

However, after about 45 days of fasting I realized - I start to feel miserable, anxious about food, I think about food all the time. During my feeding hours I would eat everything on my way (yes some whole foods, but also cookies, pizza, anything), because in my mind I created this scarcity that food will not be available at any time, but only right now.

That’s why I started to binge eat. And afterwards I’d feel guilty for eating too much, and fast even more the next day. That thought pattern created a vicious circle of binging and purging.

Immediately after that happened, I started asking my clients how fasting is working for them, and some of them reported THE SAME episodes! So we all stopped fasting all together and turned for help to intuitive eating instead - not restricting ANYTHING, eating whenever you want, whatever you want. Feeding your body with highly nutritious foods, and if you really want the chocolate, cake, pizza slice you do that too.

My husband also loves fasting, after observing his eating patterns it became clear to me that fasting is not working for him either. Yes, it gives him quick results (flat abs, reduced body fat), but they don’t last. It makes him binge once the “diet” is over and he gains it all back. It is a vicious circle.


The problem (most likely) is PSYCHOLOGICAL. You need to learn how to recognize and express your emotions. Emotional eating or any eating disorder cannot be fixed by food restriction. Binging happens, because you do not know how to deal with what you feel.

First psychological help then, after you learn how to express your emotions and listen to your body, you will be able to start intuitive eating. You might a professional help.

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