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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

I LOVE BREAKFAST, and for me not eating breakfast and going out into the world hungry is a hardship. Especially if I need to workout in the morning (and that’s what I usually do). ⁣ I needed to figure out a way to eat breakfast, have a strength training session in the morning, and also fast for 12 hours daily (and 16 hours 2-3 times per week).⁣ WHAT SKIPPING BREAKFAST DOES IN MY CASE:⁣ ❌starves muscles of protein needed for recovery and strength gains⁣ ❌deprives the body of energy needed to perform throughout the day and during my intense strength training session ⁣ ❌making you more likely to perform poorly and potentially overeat later.⁣ REASONS TO CONSUME A NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST:⁣ ✅ better control of insulin and hunger hormones ⁣ ✅ better mental focus⁣ ✅ metabolic boost ⁣ ✅ higher energy level⁣ A lot of research is showing people who don’t eat after dinner and eat again at breakfast have metabolic rates that are absolutely great. Their body composition is fine. Even those trying to lose weight who skip eating that last snack before bed, but eat normally all day and have that 10–12 hour fast, see results.⁣ Oh, and my go-to breakfast is oatmeal, protein shake and matcha latte probably 5 days in a week for sure. But remember I workout in the mornings, 1-2 hours after breakfast. ⁣ Was it helpful? If yes - comment below.

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