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New boutique fitness studio "StrongSelves" in Myrtle Beach

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Hi, my name is Victoria, I am a personal trainer and the owner of STRONGSELVES, LLC. My method is to build a custom detox & balanced nutrition plan based on your health, schedule and fitness goals.

The big news today is that I am opening a boutique fitness studio in Myrtle Beach, SC. Yay, huh? 😁 I always wanted to create a safe space for women to workout and feel comfortable doing so. Too often I hear my female clients say how intimidated they are in a big gym, where they feel like everyone is staring, judging or hitting on them.

It’s been my dream since I became a personal trainer (In August 2016), because by having my own space I can offer so much more help and support to make our community healthy & strong 💪🏻

I will be offering personal training, nutrition & mindset coaching, small group training, gut & liver detoxes and so on. Small group training will be different from any other place in Myrtle Beach, because I will be personally deciding women in groups based on their health condition and fitness level. I will be measuring all of my clients every 3 weeks to track the progress and to make sure they continuously are seeing results and improvements. We will be journaling, talking and drinking tea together at least once a month to stay motivated and discuss any concerns.

LOCATION: 44th Ave N Kings Highway in Magnolia Row development. First floor.

I got the key on Tuesday, January 19th, and thanks God my husband is a contractor, so hopefully I’ll get a good discount on finishing the studio, lol. It's still too early for me to jump around and drink champagne, because now I need to decide who's gonna be my architect for this project, I need to submit a building permit, wait 10 business days to get it, and only then I can start with the construction work, ugh.

But let me tell you, the space is BEAUTIFUL, it's also brand new, no one had any business there prior to me, so it shouldn’t be too long to get everything ready to go. I am planning to have a grand opening in March 2021 (Maybe the 15th). I’d love for all of you who have supported me over the year to come by and have fun together. I will be offering all kinds of different services, so much more that just personal training now 😉

🧏🏻Someone asked me the other day: “why did you decide to open your own studio now, our personal training business was running great as it is? You didn’t have to make such an investment right now during the coronavirus pandemic.” Fair question I thought 💭 💁🏻‍♀️You see, this is how I think. I wanted to grow and create more different ways to bring value to my clients, build a strong community.

The mind loves comfort zone, and it will almost always on a default choose what seems safe and familiar. Unless you are conscious about your choices and see the big picture. Over 7 years of working out and training my discipline, I developed a new skill: I am comfortable with being uncomfortable 😎

I know I have the responsibility, skills, commitment and discipline it takes to run a business, it makes life more fun for me. I thrive on what most people complain about, I know that, because I hear their complaints on daily basis. Part of my job.

And when it comes to the pandemic we face today, well, more and more people do not want to go to a big box gym, they prefer personal training, where there is just me and them in the room. And that’s what I can offer now (among other things, which I’ll tell you about later on)

Make your dreams come true, develop skills necessary to pursue your dreams and take a calculated risk. You deserve it, because you are enough! ❤️

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