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My Hypnotherapy Experience. How I let go of the past in 3 sessions

It took me a year to finally try hypnotherapy as a tool to release trauma. My mom died 7 years ago and I just couldn’t let it go, it was always bringing me down, I felt a lot of anger…

Also I noticed that I have some deep rooted limiting beliefs about myself and the world I live in. I needed someone to speak directly to my subconscious mind and convince me that I AM ENOUGH.

Hell, I am an open-minded person, for real, but even though, at first I was being skeptical and I didn’t quite believe, that this technique will work on me.

✅However after the first session I felt SO MUCH BETTER, that I decided to try more.

My first session with Mona @beautifulmindsc was about taking down money blocks, limiting beliefs and increasing self-confidence and inner strength. Immediately after I noticed that my goals became bigger, I felt like I am not afraid to ask for more from my life. Incredible, right?

✅The second session was the past life regression, which made me cry (didn’t expect that) and wake up for life. It helped me realize that I am my own being, I don’t belong to my parents, I am completely free, independent and WHOLE.

✅The third time we did forward life progression, which helped me truly understand, that I am on the right path. I realized the cause and effect for EVERYTHING that has happened in my life, I clearly see now that I am the true creator of everything around me, all my choices and decision, it all makes so much sense now.

After the third session, I now feel like I can fully trust myself, and I have no doubt that my dreams always come true.

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