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Muscle imbalances can mess up your training?

Why is it so important to find out if you have any muscle imbalances? How to fix it?

Have you ever noticed that your body is asymmetrical? For example, your right quad might be naturally stronger than your left quad. ⁣

You can notice this if you do the same number of lunges on both legs and experience greater fatigue afterward on your left. ⁣ Over time, these types of imbalances can lead to chronic pain and possible injuries. If they’re severe enough for you to notice - what happens is that certain muscles will overcompensate and work harder than they should to make up for an imbalance in another connected muscle. ⁣ This increases the risk of injury in those muscles that work overtime, which is why it’s important to do exercises that can help identify any discrepancies. ⁣ Single leg/single arm moves are a great way to fix this problem ⁣ You’ll challenge the weaker side to step up and do all the work without relying on the stronger side to help, which over time, will help you build more equal strength.

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