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Inspiring Body Transformation


We started in January 2021 by having a nutrition consultation.

We took initial body fat measurements and based on that calculated ideal macros and calories for her fat loss nutrition plan.

To calculate her calories we used the Cunningham equation and then subtracted 15% from her maintenance calories.

Macros should be always adjusted individually, but a good rule of thumb to start with is 40/40/20, where 20% is fat. Then she was asked to log all of her food into MyFitnessPal to make sure that she meets the calories and macros we prescribed for her.

We came up with the workout plan that would fit her goals, budget and her schedule, which was training 2 times a week. And this is what we got after 12 month.

Of course during the course of a year we had to recalibrate her calories and macros as she would lose body fat and hit the plateau. We would play with different amounts of fat and carbs all year long.

You see consistency is a key to the successful body composition change. Anyone can stick to a certain workout routine for 3 month, less people are willing to put in 6 month and only few can commit to 12 month.

However only the 12 month transformation will change your lifestyle once and forever. And yes, most likely you will need a coach. This shit is so hard to do on your own. Having someone to call you, train you, help you figure out the right nutrition plan is priceless.

We are saying this out of pure love and compassion.

This is what our clients always say to us: “why I didn’t hire a coach before, I tried and failed too many times on my own before”. Our question for you today is when if not now? How much longer are you going to wait for your time to come?

Now she is signed up to run her first half marathon next year, she enjoys running every day like she used to when she was 20 years old. That’s the change we are proud of. Long lasting lifestyle change. Not just a fat loss!

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