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How does stress affect your athletic performance.

Stress has a huge impact on your nervous system. Having high levels of stress on daily basis causes your adrenals to work hard, which in turn causes your body to produce excess cortisol resulting in negative health symptoms.

This can be a key factor why you are not losing fat and feeling tired.

Also, when you are anxious or stressed your brain craves carbs, and not a good ones. Mostly it’s things like cakes, cookies, candy and chips - simple carbs.

Why? Simply put: because this makes your belly busy and let’s your brain rest for a second and calm your anxiety.

That’s why diets DO NOT WORK! First you have to work on increasing your self-esteem, because people with high self-esteem do not put themselves into stressful situation day to day. They know how to enjoy life.

I went through all of it - I had extremely low self-esteem before, and that’s why I was creating a life I didn’t want: I had a job, which I didn’t like, toxic people as my friends, and relationships, which were hurtful.

It’s been 2 years of digging deep into the corners of my mind, reading many books, visiting psychologist, doing hypnotherapy, journaling practices, yoga and strength training, and I can finally say I am healed.

What kind of stress do you deal with? And what are you gonna do about it?

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