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Cool workshops for women, Myrtle Beach 2023

Here are some workshops for women that we are planning to have for our community this season (Spring-Summer of 2023) at StrongSelves Studio.

All these events will help you find the motivation to release extra weight and become more confident:

  1. Mindful Eating: A workshop focused on learning mindful eating techniques to help women develop a healthier relationship with food.

  2. Body Positivity: A workshop focused on promoting body positivity and self-love, helping women shift their focus from weight loss to self-care.

  3. Fitness for Fun: A workshop focused on finding ways to make exercise fun and enjoyable, helping women incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.

  4. Stress Management: A workshop focused on identifying and managing stress, helping women reduce emotional eating, and improving overall health.

  5. Healthy Habits: A workshop focused on developing healthy habits, such as meal planning, goal setting, and self-accountability, to help women achieve their weight loss and confidence goals.

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