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Are your own thoughts keeping you from succeeding?

Hi ladies,

The concept of "universal thoughts" or "preconceived notions" refers to the idea that our feelings, beliefs, and expectations about something can influence our responses to that thing, even before it actually occurs or we have direct experience with it.

  1. Universal Thoughts are unconscious beliefs and expectations that we have formed based on prior experiences, cultural influences, upbringing, and personal biases. These thoughts can be positive, negative, or neutral. Ex: My old universal thought that I am puertorican and that means I eat fried food

  2. Our universal thoughts significantly influence how we perceive and interpret the world around us. They are the goggles or glasses we see and experience our life through. For example, if you have a positive preconceived notion about a particular weight loss program, you're more likely to have a positive experience throughout the program because your expectation shapes your perception.

  3. Universal thoughts can lead to confirmation bias, where we tend to notice and remember information that aligns with our pre-existing beliefs and expectations. This bias can further reinforce our initial thoughts, making it challenging to change our perspectives. For example: I have tried loosing weight in the past and it didn’t work. Now I only notice what is not working, instead of thing that are working, thus reinforcing my universal thought.

  4. Our emotional responses to situations are often shaped by universal thoughts. If we have a positive preconceived notion about an upcoming event, we are likely to feel excited and happy in anticipation. Conversely, if we have a negative universal thought, we may feel anxious or unhappy. Such as when you have a hard time getting back into the gym or you try to eat consistently healthy again, but only last a day or two.

  5. Universal thoughts can influence our behavior. For example, if you have a positive preconceived notion about a particular workout, you might prepare for it with enthusiasm. Conversely, if you have a negative preconceived notion about a specific workout, you may not even do it.

  6. In some cases, universal thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you expect a negative outcome, your behavior and attitude may contribute to that outcome becoming a reality. Such as when you start a new diet or workout program, but your universal thought is that “nothing works” then you have a much higher chance that it will not work because that is the effort and energy you are putting into it without even realizing it.

  7. Universal thoughts can sometimes hinder objectivity. When our beliefs and expectations are strongly held, they can make it difficult to approach a situation with an open mind and evaluate it objectively.

It's essential in your health and fitness journey to recognize the role your own universal thoughts have in your life. They can influence your decisions and responses in various contexts, including personal relationships, work, and everyday experiences. Being aware of your own universal thoughts and their potential impact allows you to make more informed and balanced judgments. But more importantly awareness also provides hope that you can consciously change and update your own universal thoughts and make them work for you instead of work against you.

The Mind Muscle Friday call to action this week is to become aware of your own universal thoughts … and then change them if they do not serve your goals

Step 1- Be honest with yourself and complete the sentences with you first thought. Try not to filter yourself. Just listen to what comes up first because that is your unconscious belief. Step 2 - Take the time to reflect on your answers and evaluate if these thoughts serve your outcome and the woman you want to be. If not, then create a new conscious sentence that makes you feel better and happier about your own thoughts. Note: Yes when you first write these sentences it’s might feel fake or weird or might not sit right. But just like riding a bike or lifting weights … it takes practice. We practice and reinforce our thoughts every day, so why not choose to practice the empowering thoughts. Thanks for reading ladies, Remember you’re a Queen and you have always been meant to rule. Amanda Matos Mind Muscle Coach

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